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If you wish to advertise stock with the society please contact the secretary via email: Include details such as name of animal, herd book number, pedigree, photographs (optional) and your contact details

Adverts will be displayed for up to 6 weeks, but once sold, or if you wish to re-list, please let us know.

Advertising here is only available to members.

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Gloucester AI Bulls available:

Our thanks to the Rare Breeds Survival Trust for the collection, storage and distribution of the semen and to Mr & Mrs Driver for independently collecting their bull Howslack Jacobite with the RBST.  

Name: Herd Book No: Available from:

(Further bulls are available to members, please see the Members section of the website for details)

Artificial Insemination

Semen has been collected from a large number of bulls over the years, by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and a number are available for sale from Genus at Towcester.  (0870 1622000).  

When placing an order with Genus, ask for ‘Gloucester Semen held in the name of the RBST’ and state the name and registration number of the bull required.

A cheque should accompany the order, sent direct to:

Genus Breeding Ltd, Alpha Building, Nantwich, CW5 7JW.

A maximum of 10 straws will be sold of each bull to each breeder per year.

Please note, there are problems within the industry regarding the transfer of semen between centres. It is important before ordering semen to ensure that your local centre operates in the same network as Genus at Towcester (which is the central store for semen owned by the Trust). Alternatively check that your chosen AI centre has a working transfer system from Towcester in place.

Chilla Herd Dispersal

Luke Ashton, based near Beaworthy, Devon, is reluctantly selling the majority of his Chilla herd of Gloucesters. 

Comprising 6 in calf cows (5 with calves at foot), 3 in calf heifers, 4 young heifers, 2 steers & 1 purebred non-pedigree cow (calf at foot & in calf).

All those which have been run with the pedigree South Devon bull (put in 15th April) will be pd’d before sale.

Contact: Luke Ashton 07530 750092 / / Richard Ashton 07977 353276


Bemborough Ike 5232

UK321479/700364 D.O.B. 06/09/2013

Sire: Burfords Izaac
Dam: Dymock Easter 4833

Sadly selling Ike after this breeding season, as his daughters enter the herd next year. Available from mid August.

Contact Rob Darvill 07729458244

Gloucester Cattle for Sale

Alsop Hector VG88

UK162768/100092 D.O.B. 01/03/2014

Download details.

Gloucester Cattle for Sale

Dymock Angola GP83 7071

UK320755/700127 D.O.B. 26/04/2013

Sire: Burfords Dougie 5199
Dam: Dymock Lobango VG88 6334

Approx 7 months in calf to Buryfileds Gladiator 5241.
Lovely quiet cow, has been halter lead, fine milky type.
Also a few others for sale.

Contact Craig Phillips 07770549372

Gloucester Cattle for Sale

Greathouse Jillie 7172
UK303103/500171 D.O.B. 10/03/14

With heifer Jenny (7693) D.O.B. 17/11/17

Contact Gill & Laurence Moore 01527 892752 / 

Gloucester Cattle for Sale

Tibblestone Lotus 6955
UK321460/300042 D.O.B. 18/05/11

With heifer Laurel (7626) D.O.B. 16/06/17

Contact Gill & Laurence Moore 01527 892752 / 

Gloucester Cattle for Sale

Greathouse Jessie 7467
UK303103/200189 D.O.B. 05/05/16

Contact Gill & Laurence Moore 01527 892752 / 

Gloucester Cattle for Sale

Greathouse Daisey 2 7511
UK303103/700194 D.O.B. 22/07/16

Contact Gill & Laurence Moore 01527 892752 / 

Gloucester Cattle for Sale

Burfords Rupert 5237
UK330031/600142 D.O.B. 29/07/14

Sire: Old Ley Abacus 5205
Dam:Burfords Rhubarb 6364

He has produced very fine calves which can be viewed. Reducing cow numbers due to retirement, females also available for sale. 

Contact Gill & Laurence Moore 01527 892752 / 

Gloucester Cattle for Sale